Culture Will Make or Break Your Software Outsourcing Partnership


Companies are accelerating digital transformation at unprecedented levels, with investment expected to hit $6.8 trillion USD by 2023. At the same time, a lack of skilled professionals means shrinking talent pools are forcing companies to look for support farther from home. Tech skills and time zone compatibility are important for building a cross functional team of software experts – but IT leaders know the biggest factor that determines success is culture.

Culture Will Make or Break Your Software Outsourcing Partnership

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Find out how culture impacts software development and what you need to look out for

  • Turn to missionaries, not mercenaries, to engineer tailor-made solutions that disrupt

    Learn what to look for when choosing top-notch talent and missionary mentality and how to onboard an external development team and establish a productive, stable partnerships.

  • Communicate openly, honestly and frequently

    Why is a culture that asks ‘why’ as important as technical skills and how can you leverage knowledge-sharing to drive growth? Learn why value-driven outsourcing is on the rise and how an outsourcer assumes the burdens of recruiting talent.
  • Read testimonial from a Silicon Valley unicorn

    Hear from Branch, the world’s leading deep linking platform, about how a shared culture has translated into effective, long-term cooperation with Software Mind.
  • Biggest risks of a partner who is does not fit your culture

    Investing more time and money than you need to, working at cross purposes and inefficient cooperation – what are the biggest risks of teaming up with an outsourcing company whose culture does not match yours and how can you avoid them?
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Software Mind engineers software that reimagines tomorrow, by providing companies with autonomous development teams who manage software life cycles from ideation to release and beyond. For over 20 years we’ve been enriching organizations with the talent they need to boost scalability, drive dynamic growth and bring disruptive ideas to life. Our top-notch engineering teams combine ownership with leading technologies, including cloud, AI and data science to accelerate digital transformations and boost software delivery. A culture that embraces openness, craves more and acts with respect enables our creative, bold and passionate people to create ground-breaking solutions that support scale-ups, unicorns and enterprise-level game changers around the world.

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