5 steps to a successful
software development project


Experts' insights on effective software delivery
Software Mind's seasoned experts, who handle various areas of software creation, describe the essential aspects which, to them, significantly increase the chances of effective software development.

Each chapter focuses on a selected element of the software development process so that in its entirety, this guide presents a solid foundation for running an effective project.

6 authors, 5 chapters and 80 pages full of practical, ready-to-implement tips and best practises.

5 steps to a successful software development project

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What's inside?

Drawing on their knowledge and years of hands-on experience, our experts present their subjects in an accessible way, filling their chapters with practical advice and real-world insights so you can start implementing the described techniques right after reading.

  • Comparing a software development project to a city building

    The bigger the project, the harder to comprehend all dependencies and ensure delivery of the greatest possible business value at every stage of the work. Fortunately, some techniques can help with that. What are they?
  • Code review

    Omitting code reviews, even if it brings temporary savings, may cost a team much more time in the long run, and consequently, generate higher costs for a company. But how to get the most out of it?
  • The value of quality

    Quality assurance processes are, without a doubt, much more than additional paperwork, but how to ensure they are done as effectively as possible?
  • DevOps – how to speed things up

    Over the last few years “DevOps” has become a buzzword in the software development world. More and more companies have introduced DevOps practices – but are they getting the value they are looking for?
  • Building and maintaining a successful team

    No project can perform well without an effective team, but what is an effective team, and how to maintain its effectiveness throughout the entire software development lifecycle?
What's inside