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Boosting software development with AI

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Damian Mazurek

Chief Innovation Officer

Tony Butler

Strategic Account Manager

Leverage AI to accelerate your software delivery

A recent GitHub survey showed that developers who used GitHub Copilot, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, finished their tasks 55% faster than the developers who didn’t augment their work with AI. More and more companies are looking into AI to reduce time to market and accelerate software delivery, while boosting productivity in their teams. However, to bring about long-lasting change and results, this shift needs to be strategic and well-planned.

Get access to this webinar to learn where to apply AI in your software development processes. Our AI experts will recommend tools, discuss which specific areas of software delivery benefit from AI and give advice on preparing your organization’s culture for this ground-breaking technology.

What will you get from this webinar?

Ideas for implementing AI in software development

AI tool recommendations

Best practices for using AI in your development processes

Insights on incorporating AI into your company culture

Knowledge from experienced specialists

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Webinar agenda


How is AI changing the software development industry?


AI tools for software development


AI's impact on productivity


Incorporating AI into software development processes


Integrating AI culture in your organization


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