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Data security in generative AI –⁠ challenges & best practices 

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Piotr Kalinowski

Head of Data & AI

Tony Butler

Strategic Account Manager

Learn to mitigate data security risks in AI app development

When considering the business opportunities offered by generative AI (genAI), many companies are also looking into the risks associated with this technology. A recent survey found that 80% of AI decision makers are concerned about data privacy and security, while only one in ten organizations has a reliable system in place to measure bias and privacy risk in large language models (LLMs). To address these issues early and meet compliance requirements, businesses need to implement the right frameworks and design their AI solutions with data safety in mind.

Join this webinar to learn best practices for developing safe generative AI apps from an experienced AI expert who will share his strategies for ensuring data security in AI-driven products. Explore often overlooked aspects of data privacy in genAI and find out how to mitigate potential security risks when implementing LLMs.

Webinar agenda


Why every AI project starts with data


The role of architecture in securing sensitive data


Different ways of using LLMs in a safe way


How to handle common challenges in genAI apps

  • Ensuring responsible content moderation
  • Processing sensitive data
  • Preventing LLM hallucinations
  • Evaluating AI’s responses


Q&A session

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What will you gain from this webinar?

Tips on ensuring data privacy in AI projects 

Insights on evaluating genAI’s responses 

Pros and cons of different LLM uses 

Best practices for preventing LLM hallucinations 

A chance to ask questions and get real-time advice

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