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How to enhance your business with AI and Large Language Models – real use cases 

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Damian Mazurek

Chief Innovation Officer

Tony Butler

Strategic Account Manager

Learn best practices for implementing AI in your operations

Large Language Models (LLMs) can summarize, predict and generate text. That’s why businesses are leveraging this AI tool to automate processes, personalize customer experience and stay ahead of their competition – though the impact of platforms like ChatGPT can extend to other operational and customer-facing areas.

This webinar, led by an AI & machine learning expert, will explore real world case studies from across industries and demonstrate practical ways to use LLMs to innovate and drive growth. Sign up today to learn best practices for implementing Large Language Models in your business operations.

What will you get from our free webinar?

Real-world case studies from different industries 

Ideas for applying Large Language Models in specific business areas

Best practices for implementing LLMs

Insights into emerging trends for LLMs

A chance to ask questions about LLMs and get live advice

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Webinar agenda


What are Large Language Models?


LLMs in business – case studies


Use cases and business impact of LLMs in different industries


Challenges and best practices for implementing LLMs


What’s next for LLMs in business?


Q&A session