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Key challenges in sports betting software development

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Nick Dutton

Group Chief Operations Officer

Tony Butler

Strategic Account Manager

Build innovative sports betting products to stay competitive

Last year, $119.84 billion USD (up 27.5% from 2022) were wagered on sports betting in the US alone. The sports betting market is evolving rapidly, and a rising number of consumers are turning to digital sportsbooks to place their bets. This webinar’s guest, renowned IT expert Nick Dutton, will dive deep into the key aspects of building and managing successful sports betting products – from operational challenges, risk management and team performance to innovation and AI.

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What will you gain from this webinar?

Insights on managing a sports betting business

Ideas for applying AI in sports betting

Tips on building teams that drive results

Best practices for boosting customer engagement

A chance to ask questions and get real-time advice

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Webinar agenda


The daily challenges of running 
a sportsbook


Creating high-performing teams and culture


Keeping innovative to stay competitive


The role of AI in sports betting


Q&A session