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The embedded software trends you need to know

  Tuesday, May 30

18:00 GMT+1 (BST)

The global embedded systems market is expected to reach 163.2 billion USD by 2031, according to Allied Market Research. This intense growth has led to new developments like Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio and is also shining a spotlight on pressing challenges like security, compliance and supply chain issues. To successfully navigate this dynamic landscape, managers need to stay on top of emerging tech and identify opportunities.

Join a webinar on key embedded software trends, led by experienced senior managers, and learn what topics are shaping the industry at the moment – and what your business can do about it.


What will you get from this webinar?

Insights into current embedded trends

Real-world case studies from different sectors

Embedded software news highlights

Analysis of the challenges firmware providers face

A chance to ask questions and get live advice

Webinar agenda


Matter – the ultimate Smart Home standard?


Bluetooth LE Audio – market demand and challenges


The impact of security standards and regulations on device design


Chip shortages and supply chains issues – insights


Exploring the automotive industry’s interest in Ultra-wideband (UWB)


Q&A session


Radosław Kotewicz

Software Delivery Director


A business and technical consultant experienced with IT and connectivity standards organizations, Radoslaw has been working in the IT and Internet of Things (IoT) industries for over 15 years. His broad expertise, in embedded systems engineering and project management, has enabled him to support the development of IoT products and solutions for the last eight years. He has also been involved in creating certification test tools throughout his career, including a wireless automated charging test system.

Tony Butler

Strategic Account Manager


A Senior Manager with over 25 years’ experience in staff and business management, Tony Butler has consulted for technology startups, scaleups and market leaders, such as IBM, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Wide expertise in high-touch business and technical consultancy, sales, marketing, technical engineering and IT strategy enables him to support companies in a variety of ways. His knowledge of artificial intelligence made him instrumental in revolutionizing a major bank and enhancing its employee experience by using chatbots, sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing to gain deeper insights into employee wellbeing.