Carrying out a digital transformation of a monolithic system for a leading Polish operator






Technology Used




Java 1.8




Postgres DB

Spring Boot 2

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About the project

Our client is one of the leading telecommunications operators in Poland. Our task was to carry out a digital transformation in their value-added services by replacing their monolith system with microservices, which is part of the client’s overall strategy to move away from legacy systems, enable further business development and increase scalability.

Over the years, our client has integrated with more than 20 partners and created a significant number of functionalities, which resulted in a large number of different technologies and interactions. We took responsibility for the entire project, providing developers, business analysts and product owner, along with a PM who coordinated the cooperation with different departments in the client’s organization.

We started with a comprehensive analysis of the existing system and consultations with all stakeholders, which helped us understand their needs and group clients with similar technology stacks and business functionalities. Based on our analysis, we designed and then built the appropriate microservices to replace the monolithic system.

The incremental work methodology and involvement of managerial roles helped us maintain complete control over the progress, while close cooperation with dispersed stakeholders enabled us to address all their needs. We completed the first stage of implementation according to schedule, which in the client’s opinion established a solid foundation for continued cooperation and further development of the project.

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