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Technology Used


Azure Bot Framework

Azure Function

Cosmos DB


Microsoft Azure



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About the project

Our Dutch client was looking to develop an AI-based tool that facilitates and speeds up healthcare-related processes between employers, employees and medical professionals (company doctors) while adhering to the highest data security regulations and safeguarding sensitive data. The project consisted of developing a fully functional MVP of an AI chatbot that can assist employees in getting the medical help they need, improve customer experience and increase efficiency.

Software Mind focused on developing a backend API, frontend portal and the chatbot framework​, while integrating the ChatGPT model with our dedicated app to process and summarize patients’ necessary medical information and screening results. Software Mind also implemented a procedure to anonymize sensitive personal and medical data, in order to adhere to the required European and Dutch regulations.

As a result, we successfully built a fully functional MVP that can run independently in production. We optimized the sick leave process using an AI-powered chatbot and created a platform to significantly reduce absentee-related costs. The project also introduced a new screening process for patients with GPT-4 functionalities, which minimized bureaucracy and improved efficiency.

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