Enhancing a media subscription platform through a long-term partnership




Media and internet


Technology Used

.NET 6


MSSQL Databases

About the project

Our client, a leading, US-based provider of content management software and services which empower companies to enhance their message, increase engagement and generate new revenue. Our collaboration with this client involves developing and maintaining their subscription platform, as well as creating and enhancing the platform’s microservice layer, which is used in the backend of all consumer apps. 

In this project, our development experts unified the subscription platform’s source code to streamline the implementation of changes across journals managed on the client’s platform. A few years later, we were also asked to create a new, upgraded version of the system. Throughout the collaboration, we’ve been constantly improving the platform and its microservice architecture, while speeding up performance and streamlining coding. 

The team works in two-week sprints, with weekly refinement meetings, and follows a Scrum methodology. Software Mind’s project manager ensures goal alignment within the team and organizes regular meetings with project stakeholders, including management, to plan strategy and gather feedback. Having collaborated with the client since 2012, we established a lasting, reliable partnership that supported the client through acquisitions, mergers and expansion to global markets.

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