Enhancing B2C and B2B financial services through intuitive solutions




Financial services


Technology Used


Entity Framework Core



Microsoft Azure

NET Core 7



Vue 3

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About the project

Our client is a credit market company that offers financial solutions and services to private individuals and corporations in the Nordic market. The Software Mind team was tasked with developing a system and running software integrations with third-party platforms, which included the planning, technical design, development and documentation phases of completed solutions.

During the project, our team added new functionalities to the existing application, refactored existing pages and increased security. All the software solutions developed complied with the guidelines set forth by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

As a result, Software Mind was able to implement solutions that offered improved reactivity, enhanced performance and enabled the implementation of solutions to swiftly create visually appealing user interfaces. A robust framework enabled the development of web applications and services, which boosted the speed, scalability and performance of the services our client offers. Our team also accelerated the creation of compelling user interfaces by streamlining front-end development and leveraging the extensive range of ready-to-use components.

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