Growing a customer base through a full-scale digital transformation




Travel and leisure


Technology Used

.Net Core



Client background

Travel Counsellors provides luxury holidays and itineraries to corporate and leisure customers through a range of franchisee services across six different countries globally.

Project overview

The company needed a large-scale digital transformation involving code refactoring, a reworking of their web app and integration with external services. Our team redesigned the architecture of an existing app to increase scalability, performance and efficiency. To accomplish our client’s goals, Software Mind migrated a system from an on-premises environment to the AWS cloud.

Thanks to an innovative approach to software development, our team ensured the client’s platform integrated with airline services, booking systems, car hire services, insurance agencies and multiple payment gateways. Along with providing experienced developers, Software Mind supported our client with a UX designer, business analyst and Scrum master.

Through our partnership, our client achieved a digital transformation, increased their lead conversion rate and grew their customer base. Implementing automated tests led to faster verification of errors and enabled more feature releases for an improved time to market. Scaling IT capabilities, reducing tech debt and redesigning the architecture resulted in the development of a holistic traveling platform that offers a more rewarding digital customer experience.

Hear from our client

What our client says

The skills and experience that we’ve received from the Software Mind colleagues have been second to none. Part of the desire to forge a relationship with Software Mind was that our cultures are so similar and alike. We both believe in delivering outstanding quality and exceptional service, and that is profound when we deliver a range of technology services to our 2,000 franchisees.

Jon Bauer, CTO at Travel Counsellors

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