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What our clients say

Right from the start Software Mind have been incredibly professional. They’ve been very open with us. They’ve worked with us through the onboarding process, which went incredibly smoothly, and their team consistently deliver. From my perspective, I couldn’t really ask for more.

Lucian Morris, CIO at Mortgage Advice Bureau   

The partnership that we have with Software Mind is actually critical to CSL. We’re looking to deliver specific features and functions to our customers and the only way that we’re going to do that is through this collaboration. They're critical to what we want to do as a business and our growth strategy going forward

Steven Robertson, CTO at CSL

What really stuck out about Software Mind was the quality of the talent, along with an engineering culture that reflects a Silicon Valley mindset; fast iteration, innovation and development that considers the right trade-offs. The attitudes and approaches at Software Mind, from the leadership to every engineer on the team, matched our own. The culture of Software Mind was like ours, so we knew integrating their team with ours would be smooth.

Dmitri Gaskin, Co-Founder of Branch

I would recommend Software Mind as a partner due to the values of ownership and openness. We have been growing in Finland in terms of personnel, and Software Mind has been growing with us and increasing the team here, and we’ve been quite happy with that

Juha Havu, Head of Architecture, FMS Cluster at Procountor a+

The Software Mind team contributes to a number of different projects and programs across Baillie Gifford. We have them embedded into a variety of teams. They work very closely with squads and teams within Baillie Gifford, as well, so they’re really a part of a full team.

Tracy Guyan, Senior Programme Manager at Baillie Gifford