Implementing AI for research aggregation and advanced analytics to track animal health




Biotech and Healthcare


Technology Used

Power Apps

Power Automate Azure SQL

Power BI

About the project

Our client, an international organization located in Norway, British Columbia, and the Shetland Islands, tracks and analyzes the health information of livestock critical for our client’s operations and safety.

To stay updated on the latest research, innovations and trends, our client needs to wade through vast amount of research papers. Software Mind experts fine-tuned a GPT-3 model so the company’s scientists had seamless access to the model’s valuable information. On top of that, Software Mind developed a robust Business Intelligence platform to deliver insights into fish disease in industrial Atlantic salmon production.

As a result of the project, our client’s scientists improved efficiency and reduced workloads. Our client enhanced its innovation by streamlining information into practice, which ultimately led to cost savings. The team was able to create visually engaging and interactive reports that provide detailed analysis of fish diseases, including sea lice.

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