Becoming a long-term, strategic partner of a leading business intelligence company




Financial services


Technology Used

Angular JS

Apache Zookeeper


Java 8


Spring Boot

Spring Cloud

Spring data

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About the project

Our client is a leading global property information, big data and technology solutions provider based in the US. Our cooperation started in 2011 and since then the Software Mind teams have been participating in more and more areas of our clients’ operations.

Software Mind teams build projects from scratch, participate in the modernization of legacy apps, are a part of R&D in the client’s innovation labs and perform SLA-based managed services. Most of the work is done in a highly-regulated environment under the strictest security regulations (ISO27001, SOC 2) with regular, customized bank audits. For new product ideation we use Pivotal Labs Methodology.

Currently, the team consists of approximately 40 people and we have become a Tier1 Partner. During the past years we managed, for example, to lower the maintenance cost (40% down), shorten the release cycle (5x faster), introduce automated regression tests (10x less time needed to complete testing), speed up critical change delivery (4x faster) and transfer multiple client applications to the cloud.

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