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About the project

Our client is one of the largest operating banks in Poland, serving more than four million individual customers and nearly 200,000 business customers. One of the world’s first banks to introduce video verification, it is a leader in digitization. As part of its strategy, the bank wanted to maintain a high level of technological leadership. Client workloads needed to be migrated to the cloud to reduce development costs and increase the pace of innovation.

Work in the first stage consisted of creating a cloud migration strategy, including choosing the right provider, preparing an operational model, creating cloud governance principles, developing a method for the migration of individual workloads and making plans for preparing the organization to operate in the cloud. This included creating the right teams, identifying roles and building the necessary competencies.

In the second stage, our team supported the client in implementing a Landing Zone, using best practices. The final phase focused on transferring knowledge and preparing the team for further project development through dedicated training courses.

The cooperation resulted in the bank gaining the ability to deliver new functionalities faster and run tests more efficiently. Dedicated training, cloud governance and Landing Zone design and implementation significantly boosted our client’s cloud capabilities.

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