Replacing and unifying the Steering and SMS Welcome platforms for Deutsche Telekom







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Amplitiv Steering of Roaming










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Project overview

Software Mind was assigned to replace and unify the existing Steering and SMS Welcome roaming platforms for Deutsche Telekom. Given the multiple separate operators in the business landscape, a multi-tenant platform with centralized management and reporting interface was needed.

Client background 

Deutsche Telekom is the largest operator group in Europe and one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies. They offer a wide range of products and services, such as fixed network/broadband, mobile communications, internet, and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) for individual customers. Additionally, the company provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions for businesses and corporate customers.

Main challenges

An ambitious and complex roaming project, this endeavor required extensive customized development. Project management was crucial in planning releases for functionalities and software versions, as was meeting agreed-upon deadlines. Our team made it one of the top priorities to ease onboarding into the new systems for client specialists and ensure they feel comfortable utilizing our solutions to their maximum potential.

Roaming challenges

Implementation phases

Implementation was divided into two phases. Phase 1 consisted of developing and deploying a multi-tenant Amplitiv Steering of Roaming platform, incorporating OTA steering and signaling steering, enhancing the accuracy and precision of accomplishing the business goals while reducing the signaling activity in the network and increasing service availability for roaming subscribers. Implemented functionalities included VoLTE Steering, Rapid Re-Steering, CS/PS Steering and Automation of IR.21/85 database management. Phase 2 focused on implementing the SMS Welcome platform for outbound and inbound traffic, with unified and enhanced message template management for on-demand marketing purposes and subscribers returning to their home network.

Implementation roaming


A fully operational Steering of Roaming platform

Providing the ability to introduce and set up new tenants via an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI administration panel, integral part of Amplitiv platform

Better tools and UX

Delivering intuitive tracing and troubleshooting tools for non-technical personnel

Harmonized Steering of Roaming

Introducing a solution that allows for tools' centralization and combining control modules

Analysis before merging systems

Conducting an analysis for the client regarding combining two separate systems into a single one

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