Transforming a smart business idea into a scalable web application




Environmental consulting


Technology Used

.Net Core




MS Azure

About the project

Our client offers an innovative solution that enables their clients to measure and manage carbon footprints. They came to us in 2019 looking for a partner that would provide them with guidance and support throughout the entire process of creating a new product.

Our goal was to transform their complex spreadsheet into a scalable web app that would handle current and future clients’ needs. Having limited experience with software development, they trusted us to manage the entire project. We started with ideation using Event Storming, then designed and delivered not only the final product, but also a 100% automated CI/CD environment on MS Azure.

The Software Mind team delivered the app, with a previously agreed set of functionalities, in 8 months. The user-friendly web app enables our client to optimize the resources needed to deploy it and acquire larger clients.

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