So You Think You Can Software-Mind?

If you are just looking for any job in software development… keep on looking. What we have in mind is someone quite special.

Here is the deal...

We are Software Mind – one of the leading Polish software companies with an impressive and growing portfolio of clients. To keep up with the workload, we grow. And fast.


We vigorously continue our search for special individuals. It’s not an easy task. Therefore, we think about it as an ongoing process rather than filling vacancies.

Which means

Only those who know their craft and at the same time understand that it takes more than that to succeed in a team can make it. Do you instinctively know what quality built in to the process means? You just might have a chance.


We are far from desperate. We won’t compromise our requirements just to fill a vacancy. Keep that in mind ;)

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… and if you think that you are such a great fit that even lack of a matching job description doesn’t hold you back

In case you were wondering – we have all you need for the body...

  • Medical coverage
  • Flexibility and empathy in terms of working conditions
  • Referral bonuses
  • And all the usual stuff such as MultiSport

…and for the mind

Dedicated training time
80 hours a year to develop yourself. Up to you how you use it.
Various educational initiatives
Including open space meetings, hackathons, Software Mind academy, micro-Thursdays and regular personal growth consultancy. Not to mention external events, conferences and trainings.
Code reviews and beyond
Because it’s not only about checking the code quality but also about the learning opportunity. Know what you did wrong, why, how to do things better, and defend your ideas in a constructive discussion.
English lessons
So, you can easily work and joke with our clients over a pint of a beer.
Individual guidance on your career
Help in choosing the right long-term goals not only related to technical skills.
Competency center
Knowledge exchange between our experts, where everyone can both contribute and benefit.

Our blog

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We may already be just one Email away from working together!

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General Manager
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Tomasz Gunia
Business Development Manager
Is IT outsourcing on the horizon for you? If so, let's discuss your needs.
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