Building, training and deploying a ML model to classify objects based on photos






Technology Used




Client background

A branch of an international group that recycles steel scrap and non-ferrous metals, this client plays a significant part in the green transformation. The group provides high purity recycled materials that can instantly decarbonize products.

Project overview

Our team was responsible for building, training and deploying a machine learning model based on photo data sets provided by the client. The model was trained and hosted in an AWS cloud. Additionally, our team built a mobile application that integrated with the model, enabling users to take scrap metal photos and classify images in real time. The final part of the project was a web application for managing classifications and the entire junkyard.


Efficient production environment

Composing a complete production environment with a role-based administration panel

Enhanced image classification

Implementing a ML model for actual image classification

Elevated communication

Using Rest API for communication between components 

Better image integration

Providing integration with the ERP system

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