Co-developing a global authorization solution for a telecom industry leader





Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands

Technology Used

Account Takeover Protection (ATP)

Client Credentials

Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA)

IP Range Verification

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Localization Verification Service (LVS)

MSISDN Verification

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)


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About the project

Our client is one of the largest telecom companies worldwide, with branches across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. It is a prominent technology innovator and leader in the telecommunications sector.

Our team played an essential role in implementing a secure solution that serves as an easy-to-use method of authentication and authorization for end customers. Commercial entities and government bodies can use this solution to verify users’ identities and access their private data.

Additionally, it provides tools for end-users to avail of online services and authorize digital transactions, share personal data or easily onboard via their mobile device. End-users access the platform via service providers who request identity data. Communication is directed to MC Discovery, which determines the appropriate operator for the end-user (based on the phone number), and then routed to the operator’s MC Gateway.

The platform developed with Software Mind’s aid is ready to support all mobile carriers in the client’s business group with a multitenancy approach. The developed solution acts as a complex ecosystem of interconnected microservices with a well-constituted data contract, has a common codebase and meets business needs.

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