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About the project

Our client was a UK-based company operating in a highly regulated B2B financial market. Having an innovative idea for a new product, but no experience in B2C, the target market, they decided to get support from an external company and chose Software Mind.

The idea for the project was loosely defined and required more details. At the same time, it was crucial to move fast in order to get ahead of the competition. We provided an autonomous team of developers that cooperated with the client’s business department on a daily basis, using a prototyping approach to give them the “touch and feel” of a new product.

Creating the MVP for “family & friends” took our team only three months, after which it passed audits and got final approval. We were constantly improving the product and created a fully automated delivery pipeline where new releases were deployed 2-3 times per week. One year after the initial release the user base grew to one million, passing the three million mark in the next two years and becoming one of the company’s main products.

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