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Project overview

Voice of Fire was looking for a software partner who could help them design and develop an advanced AI-driven gaming solution, the first of its kind on the market. With robust processes that deliver pioneer research and development (R&D) projects, Software Mind proved to be the right fit for this challenge. An agile, iterative development process resulted in a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which has led to the establishment of a long-term cooperation between Voice of Fire and Software Mind.

Client background

Founded by experts with broad experience in gaming and crowdfunding, Voice of Fire is a startup that reimagines the traditional roleplaying game (RPG) experience for the digital age. Their AI-based platform enables users to play original and licensed tabletop RPGs, which are hosted by an AI game master that generates an interactive story based on players’ input. Voice of Fire leverages the ever-increasing possibilities AI offers to create a highly personalized gaming experience. By bringing RPGs to practically anywhere users can access the platform, this AI solution can significantly increase the potential gaming audience.

Business goals

Voice of Fire wanted to develop a compelling MVP to attract investors and secure funding for further product development. To achieve this, the company needed to access talent with niche AI expertise, along with practical research and development skills and experience. The goal was to develop a trailblazing, AI-based gaming platform.

Main challenges

The biggest challenge with building a gaming platform based on evolving AI technologies was that the team would be creating a solution which had never been developed before. Without a proven roadmap, this strategy of continuous innovation would require carrying out a dynamic research and development process that would be prone to changes.

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Developing an AI-driven MVP

Building an innovative, AI-based gaming solution from scratch

Integrating AI technologies

Implementing an AI bot framework and LLM Consulting on startup business strategy

Knowledge sharing

Delivering R&D and SaaS product development know-how

Comprehensive SDLC support

Providing guidance on technical and non-technical issues

Meaningful partnership

Developing a close collaboration based on ownership and engagement

What our client says

I would recommend other companies using Software Mind’s services and their personnel for a few reasons. The main reason obviously is that they delivered to my satisfaction. Software Mind underpromised and overdelivered, and they delivered on time and under budget.

Luke Crane, CEO at Voice of Fire

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