Developing a more immersive user experience with a large language model






Technology Used

Azure Bot Composer

Azure Bot Framework

Azure Cognitive

Azure Function



About the project

A gaming industry-related client wanted to increase user engagement in a digitally simulated environment. Software Mind specialists were able to leverage an AI-powered language model to assist in developing a chatbot interface (text and voice) that took advantage of natural language understanding to deliver more personalized, contextually relevant responses that created a truly immersive experience.

As a result, our client delivered an enhanced user engagement (personalized, interactive, and contextually relevant responses) and elevated the accessibility level by enabling users with different communication preferences or physical limitations to engage with the game. Furthermore, Software Mind delivered cross-platform compatibility so our client could deploy applications across various platforms and devices. The team also improved development efficiency by integrating Azure Bot Composer and Azure Bot Framework to simplify the chatbot development process, which reduced development time and resource requirements.

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