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Food Processing


Technology Used

Azure App Service SonarQube

Azure Bot Framework Composer

Azure Bot Service

Azure Cognitive Search

Langchain framework

MS Azure OpenAI Services


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Project overview

Grieg Seafood wanted to enhance the decision-making process based on data collected from unique sources with artificial intelligence support and analysis. Software Mind experts worked on a GPT-3 model with a built-in ChatGPT chatbot that enabled immediate access to necessary information, developed an internal API and co-designed a tool, which gave the company’s scientists seamless access to the model’s knowledge base for research and analysis purposes.

Client background

Grieg Seafood, one of the world’s leading salmon farming companies, operates farms in Norway and Canada. Beyond providing healthy seafood to people worldwide, Grieg Seafood is dedicated to reducing its ecological footprint and improving fish welfare. To this end, a smart approach to technologies and innovative solutions remains one of the cornerstones of their mission.

Business goals

Grieg Seafood wanted to enhance decision-making processes by implementing a data-driven approach. To achieve this result, they aimed to introduce innovative AI solutions that would be able to extract and summarize key information from research papers and reduce the manual efforts from staff. The goals were to increase internal operational efficiency and obtain a competitive edge over competitors.

Main challenges

Delivering an AI tool able to analyze existing data and make accurate estimates and predictions involving the business. This would involve collecting and organizing a large amount of scattered and decoupled data, which would then need to be analyzed in order to farm salmon more effectively. Additionally, this AI tool would need to be co-designed in a way that would enable seamless access to the model for research analysis.


AI-driven insights

Delivering a bespoke AI tool that enhances decision-making by collecting data from diverse sources

Improved efficiency

Streamlining access to research papers by creating tools such as a pre-trained ChatGPT platform

Reducing costs

Redirecting resources and time spent on manual research analysis

Increased innovation

Helping to identify new opportunities to develop products and refine processes

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