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Food Processing


Technology Used


Azure Bot Framework Composer


Jupyter Notebook

Langchain framework

MS Azure OpenAI Services

Node JS

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About the project

Our client, an international organization located in Norway, British Columbia and the Shetland Islands, needed to wade through many research papers to stay updated on the latest research, innovation and trends.

Software Mind experts fine-tuned their GPT-3 model, built an internal API and developed a user interface (UI) tool so the company’s scientists had seamless access to the model for research analysis. As a result, our client was able to improve efficiency, reduce workloads and enhance its innovation process.

Consequently, our client’s team of scientists was able to quickly access and analyze research papers, which enabled them to make informed decisions in a timely manner. The model’s ability to extract and summarize key information from the research papers significantly reduced the manual effort required by the scientists. By streamlining access to research papers, the company’s scientists were able to identify new opportunities and trends, which led to the development of innovative products and processes. The company reduced costs and was able to redirect resources and time previously spent on manual research analysis.

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