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Cloud computing is fundamental to the current wave of digital development

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Forward-thinking organizations run on cloud computing solutions

As the current wave of businesses evolution is cloud-based, companies need
a trusted partner to design and implement a customized cloud strategy.
Chmurowisko powers Software Mind’s vast cloud offer, specializing in cloud-native
application development, multicloud solutions, and in-depth cloud training.

Cloud computing is at the heart of every innovation.

Our business services

Planning your cloud migration journey
Move your business to the cloud through tailored-made strategies that manage all organizational, security and legal issues.
Building a cloud-native application
Develop applications designed for the cloud. A cloud-native approach increases scalability, productivity and security.
Optimizing costs and cloud architectures
Audit your existing cloud environment and find a way to optimize cloud consumption costs while improving your current architecture’s quality.
Customizing multicloud environments
Design a customized multicloud, hybrid cloud or multihybrid cloud environment that's tailored to your needs.
Increasing profits with AI & Machine Learning
Use the power of AI & Machine Learning to collect data and transform it into a valuable source of business intelligence.
Creating your own cloud team with a CVP Program
Empower your team to work independently in various cloud areas and with diverse technologies, thanks to a training program that include best practices and special labs.

Who we’ve helped

Why are we so special?


Top-tier multicloud specialists

Dedicated senior consultants, architects and engineers with vast experience, certificates that attest to their skills and a track record of successful implementations are at your disposal.


A boutique approach to every project

No matter the size of a project, every client receives individualized attention and a customized cloud solution.


Knowledge transfers done right

A comprehensive knowledge transfer managed by our specialists ensures your team can work independently and develop your project unassisted after our work has finished.


Elevate your business

Harness the power of cloud technologies to solve business challenges with our help. We’ll improve, optimize, and implement innovative cloud solutions to support your company's growth.

Our technical services

Cloud consulting
Providing consulting services to devise solutions like a cloud migration strategy, implementing a multicloud approach and CI/CD and DevOps process strategies. Offering to counsel regarding Advanced Cloud Architecture and establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence. Conferring on various legal aspects considering cloud-based technologies.
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Professional services
Delivering end-to-end Cloud-native solutions, NoOps automation projects, automation of CI/CD environments and process management (including IaC), as well as Cloud Architect as a Service or low code projects (Power Apps).
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Data services
Empowering organizations to take full advantage of the value of data using Data Engineering, Machine Learning and MLOps practices. Building Modern Enterprise Data Warehouses and conducting data strategy workshops for organizations. Constructing solutions using machine learning, Power Bi and cloud native data services. Creating R&D projects with advanced technology.
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Cloud optimization
Conducting cloud infrastructure efficiency and cost audits, verifying Landing Zone and cloud operation model correctness, architecture and cloud security (security improvement) reviewing. Optimizing cloud costs and DevOps/ NoOps processes.
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Kubernetes & containers
Designing the architecture of Kubernetes clusters and software for containerization and k8s. Building CI/CD processes for applications in Kubernetes and service mesh solutions. Security support in containerization and multicloud projects with Kubernetes.
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Internet of Things (IoT) for business
Conceiving IoT and industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions, developing software models for Edge (device first), and managing onboarding and device lifecycle processes. Providing solutions for logistics, manufacturing, mining, and retail. Assisting in Digital Twin data modeling projects and creating a device security architecture.
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Cloud training
Running in-depth training for specialists in various fields (data, engineering, architecture, infrastructure and security) of cloud technologies with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud.
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Cloud vendors

Case Studies


Migrating IoT applications to MS Azure for increased scalability and efficiency

Industrial Technology
Poland, Switzerland

Using AWS built-in features to build a highly versatile, scalable and maintenance-free web portal

Media and Internet

Migrating data centers to Microsoft Azure to meet compliance and scalability requirements

Integrated Software Solutions
USA, Canada, Poland

Migrating a bank's workload to the cloud

Banking and Finance

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